Interviewing King Of Connexion


King Of Connexion is a Korean traditional Martial Arts Tricking team. Their precise kicking style and eccentric personalities made them quite famous among the world tricking community. Trickzfr decided to explore their tricking habits by interviewing their leader, Ilho Cho.



Trickzfr: How did it all started?

KOC: We all have a different tricking story, however we started at the same time. We began to get interested when we first saw the impressive martial tricksters Steve Terada and Ben Brown, as well as the eXtreme Martial Arts team (XMA). We created King Of Connexion so as to be the masters of connecting: We wanted to showcase our individual talents, each member of KOC being the representative of its respective field, and ultimately merging alltogether into tricking. We perform at Musicals, TV shows, stunts, and various domestic and international events.

Trickfr: What all the fun is about?

KOC: Being able to express these different moves that you could only imagine seeing in action movies or games. This is really enjoyable for us. Also, training with colleagues is always a source of happiness.


Trickfr: How do you feel about tricking in Korea and international exposure?

KOC: Last year, we were invited to attend the Loopkicks Camp 2011. It was the first time an asian team coming from a small country (South Korea) was invited to such an event. However, we hope being able to attend more international events in the future as the number of tricksters is increasing in Korea.

Over here, tricking is known as eXtrem Martial Arts, just like how FreeRunning was known as yamakashi. There are some XMA teams and many more TaeKwondo groups tricking aside, which representatives would be the K-Tigers. When we have time, we gather with them, however we don’t have much space to hold bigger events. We still hope to build a tricking culture here.


Trickzfr: What do you guys do when you’re not tricking?

KOC: We’re hanging with our friends or dating our girlfriends. We also like to play games at home!

Trickzfr: Does TaeKwonDo beats Karate?

KOC: Of course TaeKwonDo beats Karate!

Trickzfr: Would you like to say something to other tricksters in the world?

KOC: First of all, we are honored that we’ve been able to reach out the tricksters of the world. We have always admired other tricksters accross the globe from watching videos. We are everyone’s fan. We wish to meet everyone. We also hope our international tricksters will show interest in tricking in Korea.

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